Pai Adventures has been operating since 1990 and started out solely as a rafting and trekking business. Since we purchased the company in 2016 we have added jungle survival and caving adventures.

All our adventures are in the Soppong jungle between Pai and Mae Hong Son. Most of the trekking outfitters in Pai only trek the nearby areas surrounding Pai.

We go the extra mile to get you to the most beautiful area around. You travelled half way around the world to see the best parts of the jungle not just what is convenient. At Pai Adventures we strive to give you an adventure of a lifetime. We want you to experience exactly what you came to see.

All of our adventures are unique and hard to duplicate. We do not take you to tourist traps or mock villages. Our hill-tribes are real and our guides are authentic hill-tribesmen who are masters of their environment.

Licence No. 24/00708

Pai Adventures has always been a family owned and operated business. That is even truer today then before. At Pai Adventures we take family further than just being related.

We consider our guides to be family as well. We strive to improve their lives as well as grow our business. We do not believe in taking advantage of hill-tribes and exploiting their unique way of life. We give back to those that make our wonderful company possible. At Pai Adventures we are “ALL” one big family and our guides have been with us since the beginning.

At Pai Adventures we operate to the highest of international safety standards. Our guides where US Coast Guard approved NRS rescue life jackets and carry NRS throw ropes.

Our equipment is unmatched in quality and safety. We use NRS Class V Big Water life jackets with 25lbs of flotation, Carlisle USA paddles, and the latest Evo lined adjustable helmets for your safety and comfort.